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Beautiful Bricks is the ultimate 4 player brick breaker. A restoration of an arcade great with awesome improvements like physic-based ball behaviour, more paddle control, 4 simultaneous players and boss battles. All presented in a consistent retro ‘8-bit’ aesthetic.

Can you master it?

Demo game
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1 - 4 Players

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230+ Levels
& 13 Bosses

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Unique ball physics
& more ball control

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Co-op, versus
& special modes

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8-bit graphics
& sound

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Highscores, achievements
& unlockable content

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Play the free online verison of Beautiful Bricks in your browser! (Google Chrome Browser is recommended)

Beautiful Bricks Online can be played with most gamepads just plug them in and go! You can also use the keyboard or mouse to play. All controls can be edited within the options menu within the game, including enabling mouse control.

If you want to know more about the game you can view the online instruction manual here.

Please Note: Your progress and settings in Beautiful Bricks Online is saved using cookies.

Keyboard controls


Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Move Left

Left Arrow



Numpad 4

Move Right

Right Arrow



Numpad 6

Hard Hit / Action 1

Up Arrow



Numpad 2

Soft Hit / Action 2

Down Arrow



Numpad 5

Start / Continue





Dash Left

Double Tap Left Arrow

Double Tap A

Double Tap J

Double Tap Numpad 4

Dash Right

Double Tap Right Arrow

Double Tap D

Double Tap L

Double Tap Numpad 6

Buying direct and through steam will be setup shortly.

If you are interested in helping test the game please email

Purchase the full verison! Beautiful Bricks can be yours to download and play on your computer!

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